Under the Artistic Direction of our CEO, Ana Ali, breathed life into her brand prior to her wedding when she created a garment for her big day, which forever redefined bridal-couture in Pakistan through ornamentations atop detailed narratives that paid homage to the picturesque Mughal era.

From there on the brand materialized as a studio in Pearl continental Lahore and garnered tremendous national acclaim and not long after, made international headlines through successful fashion-shows exhibited in Paris, New York & London.

To ensure the continuous development and consolidation of the brand at a global scale, well-coordinated management policies are set, which combine the strategic vision of the headquarters in Lahore, Pakistan with a widespread presence across the world.

We here at Lajwanti, believe in nurturing the classic feminine form through a traditional lens in a progressively modern world.

As a pioneer Fashion brand, over the years our aim lies in encouraging our clients to find themselves in our wide spectrum of high-end garments.